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My Daughter Saved My Life

I remembered the night so vividly…….it was warm and I got up to open the window. Without warning I fell. I knew that my hip had either broken or been dislocated because any slight movement was unimaginably painful. I was nowhere near the phone, neighbours wouldn’t hear my cry for help – panic set in – was I going to be the subject of another one of those shocking stories of an elderly person not being found for days?

Then suddenly I felt enormous relief, when I realized that I had my CareAlert Smart Dialler, purchased by my daughter 3 months earlier. I pressed the emergency buttons on my personal water proof pendant that I always wear and it immediately began to phone my daughter for help. Even if she hadn’t been at home I knew it would phone her mobile. It would even reach Emergency Services if none of my family were available.

The rest is history, help arrived and after a few weeks of recovery, I’m now back at home enjoying my independence once again. I shudder to think of what might have been had my daughter not given me this great gift of security (and to think that I didn’t really believe I needed one).

For whatever my opinion is worth, I think everyone who lives or works alone, regardless of age should have a CareAlert Smart Dialler ready to assist in the case of an emergency.

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Keep Safe with the Right Call Alert System

At times, we find our seniors struggling to get help whenever they are faced with emergencies that require urgent attention. You might be in the same house with your spouse or perhaps live alone, you don’t have to worry much about such tragedies resulting from accidents like a trip on a floor, or an accidental fire starting up at home because a call alert system only requires a tap of a button to get help.

What is a Call Alert?

As modern technology takes over our world, many people will require gadgets that demand simple and easy intervention for fast contact operation whenever they are faced with a problem. They can be used by workers that require OH&S legal requirements, particularly for those who work alone and the aged to alert their choice of contacts of impending danger. Call alerts should be senior friendly and not have to replace their existing phone system. You can install one in their room or around areas where such people can face complications.

Very Important Features to Look For When Buying a Personal Care Alert System

There are various factors you need to consider once you are ready to buy a care alert system. Most of these factors will depend on past experiences and tend to improve on the shortcomings encountered earlier. The following are some of the considerations before buying such a system:

  • Check if the pendant has just one single red activation button, these type of systems can easily be accidentally activated resulting in an un-wanted Ambulance turning up to your house.
  • Make sure the system has an allowance for an extended voice message, a recommendation would be a minimum of 30 seconds, this is to ensure that important information like the location of your key safe lock is located and its code can be clearly relayed to the recipient.
  • It is advisable to look for an alert system that has a pendant that can operate while still submersed under water like in a bath or a pool.
  • If the system is meant for a person who may have speaking problem, then it is advisable you look for one that does not require one to speak in order to get help.
  • The system should have a pendant with a nurse call that will attract attention to anyone who is closer than you are.
  • If the system is meant for security purposes, then it is wise to choose one that is capable of scaring off intruders.
  • The system should also guarantee you long battery life without recharge or replacement. This also applies to other accessories.
  • Another important aspect is the history or past experience of the system by other people. Get a senior friendly system that has attracted positive reviews from past users.

In order to ensure maximum safety of those you care about, beware of what system you choose by keeping in mind the above highlighted points.

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Old Age at Its Best: Tips to Make Your Home a Haven

After years of a chaotic life coupled with unending hassles, unruly people, and too many worries, all you can wish for is peace and tranquility. Your sunset days ought to be the best, serving as a bonus to your services to the world. Since your likely place of retirement is your home, any tip that will work to make it a livable haven is vital.

You can, therefore, invest in those tips that will not only bring pomp and color to your life, making it fresh, vibrant, and enjoyable. For maximum peace while savoring those old-age moments, following the following points is the key, ensuring that you maintain your stress-free living whilst staying independent. Follow these simple tips, perhaps, you deserve to enjoy life too.

Invest in peace and comfort inside your haven

There’s nothing cozier than leading your life in peace and comfort, especially after all those busy years. Finding peace typically means eliminating all those features that inhibit your freedom. Therefore, you can remove all those undesirable and risky equipment and accessories inside your home, including free chords, mats, rugs, and any free-lying clutter.

Rails and stairs can be more perilous given your aging body and, therefore, anything that will make them safer to use again is welcome. Grab rails and tougher staircases can be ideal, besides ensuring that they’re always dry and safe to use.

Additionally, a brightly-lit home attracts peace and serenity while increasing your focus and alertness, unlike living in a dimly-lit home. You can request for an additional lighting installation for your ease while staying indoors.

Prioritize what you need

Getting old should not be the excuse for being lazy, rather a motivation to climax on your essence in this world. You can, therefore, seek for what you love the most and bring them to as close to you as possible without having to endure rigorous walking and bending to locate them.

Consider checking your outdoor

You won’t be staying indoors the entire period, thus, investing outside is vital too. You can find someone to fix paths leading to your home, checking on the flowers and patios. Have your glasses, walking aid, and hearing equipment in place before your regular walk and always stay as close to your doctor and relatives as possible. It’s only by so doing that your home is your paradise.

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Assessing Your Risk of Falling

To assess your risk of falling, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Those who live alone are, specifically, are more at risk of taking a fall than those who live with a caregiver or a loved one. As you read through these risk factors, think about discussing them at your next appointment with your health professional.

For example, one major risk factor is a history of falling. If you have already had at least one fall within the last six months, this could point to another.

Or, do you take medications? Are you taking more than four medications per day? Are you taking medications to make sleep or do you take antidepressants? The side effects could lead to dizziness or falls.

If you are taking in less than 30 minutes of exercise per day, this is a risk factor for falling. Simple gardening, housework or walking around your neighborhood counts towards your daily totals for exercise, so make sure to count that. A sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of falling.

Another risk factor is your balance. Are you finding it difficult to get up out of your chair? Do you feel unsteady on your feet when you walk? Are your feet swollen or painful? There are exercises you can do that can help increase your balance, and your health professional can discuss these with you.

Previous health conditions can be a factor as well. If you have had a stroke, diabetes, problems with circulation, Parkinson’s, or any major change in your health, all of these could lead to falls, and should be discussed with your health professional at your next appointment.

Finally, poor eyesight is a major cause of falls. Make sure you are getting your checkup every two years. Our eyesight can change drastically during those two years between exams, and poor eyesight can be a cause of poor balance and worse.

If you think you have any of these risk factors, see your health professional right away.

Please take a few moments to answer “YES” or “NO” the questions HERE. It will give you a guide as to how safe you are from falling and the areas of health that might need your attention.

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Household Safety: Preventing Unwarranted Falling

Accidents are a commonplace, happening without a warning whether you are young or an adult and leaving severe consequences or just slight scars, at worst. While their next occurrence remains anyone’s guess, proper safety tips, especially for the elderly is paramount, serving to keep them safer from any unwarranted injuries due to falling. But what are these tips that can ensure you are always safer from falling?

Prior safety measures are critical, not just for the physically healthy but more importantly the elderly members of the society. They are susceptible to falling which can be perilous ensure the safety and well-being while leading their ordinary lives is vital. To create a list of the necessary steps, some factors must be considered.

1. Their present and past health condition

Anyone elderly person with a history of falling due to a disease is considered riskier, especially if the last fall happened a few months earlier. Stroke, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, besides other maladies can be fatal for the elderly and thus proper measures are critical. If you have any of these conditions, it can be prudent always to stay under watch against any phenomenon that might trigger falling.

2. Your state of sight and walking

Far from the typical walking posture of an able-bodied person, if you always feel unsteady and off-balance while walking and experience blurred vision due to old age, chances of falling are always high. The only way to stay far from falling, therefore, is finding a support structure or even a person. It’s important to keep injuries at bay and guarantee your independence and mobility.

3. If you are under medication

With aging, especially for those clocking over 45 years, are many different diseases, hence the frequent medication. There’s no problem taking them although they can overwhelm you and even result in falling. When under medication, therefore, being on the look-out lest you fall is paramount.

4. Exercising

While exercising is a good move, helping flex the muscles and keeping you fit, utmost caution ought to be observed given that you are elderly. Safe exercising done at most an hour every day is ideal, keeping you away from any potential injuries.

Apparently, the only way to stay safe from falling, especially for the elderly, is avoiding any scenario that might present unwarranted falling. It’s the only way to staying safer and for longer.

Please take a few moments to answer “YES” or “NO” the questions HERE. It will give you a guide as to how safe you are from falling and the areas of health that might need your attention.

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How CareAlert Smart Dialler Work

Smart dialler is a perfect and brilliant piece of technology that offers peace of mind for the whole family by protecting our loved ones. In the event of an unfortunate illness or accident at home, this could be shortness of breath or a slip in the bathroom or even if an uninvited intruder comes to your home, all you will be required to do is to push the emergency buttons on a uniquely built, water-proof pendant. After this action the smart dialler will proceed to call up to five people of your choice, informing them that you need assistance the Smart dialler can also be programmed with triple zero who will send an ambulance to your property to help out, and here is the best part, there are NO monitoring fees EVER! How can we do this? The CareAlert Smart Dialler has been manufactured and designed to eliminate the middle man commonly known as a call centre, and contact the people you choose directly. This can save you a lot of money while guaranteeing you a reliable personal alert system.  

The CareAlert Smart Dialler is capable of calling up to 5 different numbers including overseas numbers and mobile phones; this provides a high degree of reliability. It is more economical and just as reliable as a monitored system. The CareAlert activation process is extremely easy, it is done via a water-proof pendant transmitter that operates at a frequency of 433.92MHz. It has an operating function of up to 50 meters, this range is based on several environmental factors of the smart dialler. This is an excellent coverage for people within a standard size property, this range can be extended up to 100m with an antenna booster. You can also programme multiple pendants to the Smart Dialler. You will not need to reprogram your CareAlert Smart Dialler in the event of power blackout because it uses EPROM technology that saves any programed information. It is therefore a perfect health alarm for seniors because of their vulnerability to diseases and illness. It is also a perfect health monitor for people living in nursing homes to connect to caretakers. 

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Tips to Ensure Health and Safety for Seniors

Health, security and safety are key components of an active and independent lifestyle for seniors. However, as your loved one grows older, they are likely to face a variety of health issues and safety concerns. It is therefore imperative that you take such measures that are designed to prevent injuries while taking care of your elderly.

Prevention of falls

Most seniors lose their independence as a result of falls. However, while the risk factors will often increase with age, falls are not an inevitable component of aging. Below are a few measures to be taken in preventing such falls.

  • It is important to tape down all area rugs: You will find that rugs are a major trip hazard for most seniors. In the event that they are not appropriately secured to the floor, they will probably buckle or roll up at the corners, creating hot spots for falls.
  • You will also want to de-clutter the house in which your elderly loved ones are residing. The daily chaos of life will often cause clutter to pile up, including newspapers, shoes, clothes and books among others. All these significantly contribute to the risk of falls for the elderly adults.
  • Placing nightlights in stairwells and hallways is also extremely crucial. Advanced age will often increase the frequency of tripping in the restroom, especially during the night. It is therefore essential to place nightlights in the hallway leading to the bathroom, while ensuring that each step on the stairwell is adequately lit. This would essentially enable the seniors to navigate such stairs after dark.

Please take a few moments to answer “YES” or “NO” the questions HERE. It will give you a guide as to how safe you are from falling and the areas of health that might need your attention.

Medication safety

Training seniors to take their medication safely would essentially ensure that such medication works properly while avoiding negative interactions.

Most seniors prefer to live in their own homes as opposed to living in nursing homes. However, living independently can be extremely risky as a fall or medical emergency could lead to a one-way trip to the hospital. Fortunately, there have emerged medical alert systems that essentially render independent living safer for older adults.

There are numerous types of medical alert systems, some include very expensive monitored systems that can cost up to $1000 every year. Other systems are also available that have NO monitoring fees EVER! Which is fantastic for those who cannot afford on-going monthly fees For detailed information on a non-monitored medical alert system, go to  

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Personal Alert System: Unique Features that Can Save Life

Thanks to the steps taken by technical design engineers, getting emergency assistance due to a sudden accident or illness has been made much easier. Before this incredible discovery, there has been a myriad of preventable situations some of which were fatal. However, all is not lost yet as there is a personal alert system that comes in handy when one is caught in any severe case. Let’s now have a sneak preview to some of the essential features that you MUST consider when shopping for this commodity, after all, it could save a life.

Some of the fundamental features that a smart dialler must have include the ability to function well and without any hitches even when the pendant is submerged in water. Additionally, it must be carefully designed such that it does not activate the alarm system while you are going about you daily chores. Another great feature is the ability to alert the attention of somebody else in the house through a “Nurse Call” function.

While there are plenty of cheap Chinese gadgets available in the market place, getting the best health monitor typically involves opting for those tried, tested and approved. An essential feature that cannot be over looked is that the personal alert system must provide ongoing support even in the event of power failure, this should be done through a backup re-chargeable battery, one that last for at least three years and with proven results. Furthermore, an excellent health alarm for seniors must be easy to program, link with “Triple Zero”, and won’t require you to talk when activated (many stroke victims cannot speak).

While quality can never be debated upon, a personal alert system must have the ability to discern between an answering machine or if it has been “live answered”. Finally, many alert systems will have you paying on-going monitoring fees, with modern technology and the ability to contact people with ease this may not be a necessary cost. Having these core features warrants one the go-ahead to purchase.

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24/7 Reliable Care is Essential

They say that the only thing that is constant in this world is change, and along with change is time. Life changes every day for every person in some way and with the passing of time comes also the passing of age. As we age, some of the things that we can usually do efficiently cannot be as efficient when we go through the stages of growing old. With that being said, it is also inevitable to have ailments along the way. Most of the time we have someone who can provide elderly care, this maybe family, friends or even the neighbours but there may be instances that they cannot be there and this could be when they are needed the most. In most emergency cases, we are vulnerable to circumstances where we are not surrounded by people who can help us get to the hospital or attend to our aid if we need medications. In complications like these how nice would it be to have a reliable device on-hand that can provide immediate alerts and can make automatic calls to people that can help us in emergencies.

Enter CareAlert, a revolutionary Smart Dialler that can bring immediate safety for the Elderly. It is a personal alert system that provides peace of mind and is easy to use. With just a press on the small necklace pendant buttons, it will send alerts to all your pre-programmed numbers to let them know that the CareAlert user needs urgent. You can pre-program up to 5 numbers of your choosing, landlines or mobiles, you can even include Triple Zero that will send an ambulance for you in an instant.

CareAlert is Australian approved and made from durable materials. The pendant is fully waterproof, this way, it can be worn anywhere, including the shower or bath, and is always ready to help you in emergency cases. 

A great feature with the CareAlert Smart Dialler is that once you have pushed the button, the device will inform you once one of the 5 numbers has acknowledged your call and you can relax knowing help is on the way. In terms of cost, it only has a one-time payment and has no maintenance or monitoring fees at all.

All in all, we now have an affordable emergency dialler that is handy, durable, and most especially reliable at any given time.  Now that’s real peace of mind.

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5 Home Care Tips for the Elderly to Ensure Safety

It’s important to ensure that the elderly loved person that may live in your home or on their own is well cared for, this will greatly reduce the stress onyou and your loved ones. Ensuring that they are safe and comfortable also enables them to have peace of mind. Unfortunately, with ageing comes the feelings of being agitated, confused or aggressive. Below are some simple yet practical home care tips for the elderly that will aid their independence.

Tip 1: Dementia, for those that suffer from this terrible disease you should make sure that there are limited mirrors around the home. Believe it or not this can confuse them in that they may not recognize themselves in the reflection. Of course, we all need mirrors in our home, how else do we make ourselves look GREAT before going out! If you must have mirrors in your home, consider small ones and place them higher up than standard.

Tip 2: Buying a lightweight water jug and keeping it filled with water and placing it where it can easily and conveniently be accessed, this is most important. Hydration is important for anyone at any age. It helps to ward off certain ailments such as sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue and can assist as an appetite suppressor. While at it, gently remind them why they should remain hydrated and where the water jugis located and soon enough, they will not need reminding.

Tip 3: It doesn’t matter how old we are, we all love to look good! Buying them clothes that come in basic colours such as tan, black, white, green and cream is important since it will make it easier for them to pick their own outfits. Ensuring that the clothes are arranged systematically is good to avoid confusion. All shirts should be on one side and shorts, skirts and pants on the other. Take clothes that they have not worn out of the closet and place them in a separate box or closet.

Tip 4: Considering large number pads and dials on the technological devices is important because at this point perhaps theireyesight may be failing. If they love to watch television, the remote should have large numbers for easier use. Placing digital clocks around the home as opposed to the traditional three-hand clocks is great since they will not struggle to read the time.

Tip 5: Promote and encourage independence. Ensure that you do not make all decisions since this will make them feel as if they are not in control. Letting them make as many decisions as possible will also give them a sense of importance but also, make sure to limit them so as to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed and confusion.

CareAlert have some hand selected items that can help with daily living CLICK HERE to check them out.